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Santosha's STORY

We are Santosha, A Latina owned and socially aware apparel company.

Santosha means contentment.  In the yoga context, contentment refers to detaching from our desires and cultivating an inner peace and joy that is not dependent on what is happening in our lives.

At Santosha our focus is the complete contentment of our customers. Positivity and peace of mind is essential. In Latinx culture, sayings of encouragement keep households thriving. Each culture around the world is similar in many ways, but it is the uniqueness of their beliefs that add flavor to a  robust palette of a productive society.


At Santosha each product is hand made and unique to each client, no product is exactly the same and will vary from item to item. Our one of a kind designs will stand out no matter where you go. Individuality is key to enjoying life through self reflection.


"One who knows herself will not be disturbed by what others think of her".

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Be a part of Santosha's zen.

Wear our apparel and support the art of loving thy self and encoraging those around us.

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